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General Information

What Is The Time Commitment?
  • Travel soccer is a yearlong commitment that consists of 20 games: 10 in the fall season, 10 in the spring season.
  • Fall season typically runs from mid-September through late November.
  • Spring season typically runs mid-March through early June.
  • U8 and older games are played on Sunday afternoons (between 12:00 and 4:30PM).  
  • Home games are typically played at Thompson Park and 5 Points Park.
  • Away games are typically within Monmouth and Ocean Counties and may involve up to an hour drive. Parents are responsible for transporting their child to games.
  • Practice schedules are set by the coach. A typical team will have two 90-minute practices during the week. Most practices are held at Cedar Drive School in the summer and spring and Bucks Mill Recreation Area in the fall season.
  • Practices typically begin in the summer for the fall season and February for the spring season.
  • Some teams may play indoor soccer during the winter season.
  • Teams may also elect to play in a few tournaments (typically 1 or 2 days of a weekend).
What Is The Monetary Commitment?
  • The annual registration fee of $400 includes both the fall and spring seasons and pays for: referee fees, referee training, field fees, league fees, equipment, and professional training.
  • The uniform fee, which consists of: shorts, 2 shirts (green is default, white t-shirt is for conflicts when we are the home team) and two pair of socks is $62.50. Depending on your child?s growth rate, a uniform will usually last about 3 years.
  • All players must purchase shin guards and shoes with molded cleats (no metal cleats).
  • Each player should have a ball of the proper size: size #4 (U8-U12), size #5 (U13 and up).
  • Teams may also decide to purchase optional team gear such as bags ($35), sweatshirts ($30)or coaches shirts. Typically these items are deferred for first year teams to keep start-up costs down.
  • Each team may incur additional costs for tournaments and/or indoor soccer. To cover these additional costs, teams may fund raise, look for parent sponsors, levee a team fee or split the costs evenly among participating players.
What Training Is Provided?
  • The CNSC has professional trainers available for each team. Professional training sessions are usually held once a week and work on specific skills with the teams.
  • An additional once a week professional training session is offered for goalkeepers.
  • All CNSC coaches must complete the New Jersey Youth Soccer Association ?F? license course. Some CNSC coaches have completed more advanced license courses.
What Organizations Are The CNSC Associated With?
  • The CNSC (Colts Neck Soccer Club) is affiliated with the Colts Neck Sports Foundation (CNSF) and abides by the policies of the CNSF and the CNSC.

  • U8 and above play in the Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association (MOSA ? www.mosa.net).


Who Can Play On A CNSC Travel Team?
  • All Colts Neck children, ages 8 thru 15, are welcome to try out for CNSC teams
  • Beginning with U11, a limited number of non-residents are allowed to participate on CNSC teams in accordance with CNSC policy.
What Are The Age Restrictions?
  • The USYSA mandated cut-off date is August 1.
  • Eligibility is solely based on age and the August 1 cut-off date, not on school grade.
  • A team of ?under 8 years of age? players is typically referred to as ?U8?.
Can A Child Play Up?
  • Playing up is discouraged but is allowed in some circumstances with the permission of the CNSC and both impacted coaches. However, the CNSC recommends that children play in their designated age group.
How Are Teams Selected?
  • Tryouts are held at least annually, the coach selects a team with input from multiple adult evaluators during tryouts.
  • Roster sizes are limited to 14 players for U8-U10 and 18 players for U11 and above.
  • If enough qualified players exist for two teams in an age group, the CNSC may decide to form two teams.
  • Teams are re-selected each year.
When Can I Expect A Notification of the Roster?
  • Each coach should tell parents at the tryouts when they should expect a notification.
  • Some teams will not announce their selections until the current season ends (mid June).
How Much Playing Time Will My Child Get?
  • Playing time is ultimately decided by the coach.
  • Playing time is typically not equal among players.
  • The CNSC recommends that each child play a reasonable amount of time in each half of every game (barring disciplinary actions).
How Competitive Are The Teams?
  • In MOSA, the teams are placed into flights based on ability. At the end of each season the top two teams in a flight usually move up to the next flight and the bottom two teams move down. This helps balance the flights.
  • Depending on the abilities of the players and the desires of the coach, some teams will be more competitive than others.
What Paperwork Do I Need To Complete?
  • The following paperwork is required each year (most of which is used to obtain a NJYSA ID card):
  • A picture of your child
  • A copy of your child?s birth certificate
  • A notarized medical release form
  • A MOSA/JCYSL registration form
  • A CNSF registration form
What Rules Are Used?
  • CNSC teams play by the rules of the organization they compete in (MOSA/JCYSL), which typically follow the FIFA laws of the game as modified for Youth by the USSF and USYSA.
  • U8-U10 play 8 a side on short fields. U11 and above play 11 a side on regulation fields.
What Weather Does The Team Play In?
  • Except for lightning, the teams will play games in rain, snow showers, hot and cold weather. On occasion the fields will close due to rain or snow. These games will be rescheduled within a two-week period.
  • Practices are typically held in light rain.
How Can I Help?
  • Currently the CNSC is in immediate need of referees (no prior experience is necessary, although a certification course will be required). The CNSC will cover exepenses for the certification course and uniforms.

Commissioner       732-817-1730
Rec Referee Coordinator     Joey Grillo   
Travel Club President       732-294-5623
Travel Club Vice President       732-834-9759
Travel Budget Coordinator       732-345-7140
Travel Club Secretary     Martin   
Referee and Field Coordinator       732-780-7332
Travel Training Coordinator       732-780-2191
Boys Rec Director     Tracy Jordan  
Girls Rec Director     Dell Anno    
Rec Soccer Coaching Director       732-780-2191